Moira–Engagement Session

I’ve been planning for awhile to start blogging about my freelance work. I love trying new things and posting product reviews, so that will definitely continue. However, I adore the chance to work with women in a variety of settings and help them feel their best for the major events of their lives. Often, these events are photographed by pros, and it is a treat to have such gorgeous photos–how could I not feature them here?

So without further ado, here is the lovely Moira, photographed with her fiance. They’re getting married this summer, and I love these shots featuring the two of them!






























I truly love having the opportunity to work with women during some of the most special (and photographed) celebrations of their lives. It was a privilege spending time with Moira getting her ready for her engagement photos this past fall. In the spring, I will be doing her makeup for her shower. We’re going to treat that as a trial for her big day. With all my brides, I recommend a trial run so they can feel what it’s like to wear their makeup, experience wearing false lashes, see how well their makeup lasts and guarantee they absolutely love the way they look. It is one less thing to stress about on their wedding day, when they’ve already pinpointed the look they want to achieve.

If you haven’t already, check out some of my bridal work on my facebook page!

Stay pretty, ladies!

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