Love Notes

“I can hardly find the words to describe how happy I was with Tricia Clarke as my hair and makeup gal for my wedding. She hit all the professionalism check marks – she was timely, organized, and incredibly prepared – but I also just enjoyed having her present on my wedding day because she really is a wonderful person with a great personality. I am not super savvy about makeup and hair, but I wanted to look really special for my big day, and Tricia helped with everything – from advice about hair extensions and offering referrals, to helping with styles and colors, and she was so receptive to feedback about what I liked and didn’t like. She doesn’t miss a beat! She came to my apartment for a trial, and I immediately felt relaxed and taken care of (and so pleased with how beautiful I looked!). Then she communicated with my bridesmaids and my mom before the wedding to get their ideas of what they wanted, and afterwards my girlfriends told me that they had never been part of a “getting ready” session that has been as fun and relaxed as ours. Tricia has a great personality that makes her easy to get along with, and she fit right into the group. Everyone got the look they wanted, even the pickier girls, and they all looked fantastic. My hair and makeup was perfect, and not only did I get a lot of compliments, but I truly felt like a glowing bride. Everyone still looked fresh at the end of the night, even after being out in the sun for pictures, and dancing all night. I was so impressed by all of Tricia’s talent and the experience she gave me and my girls. Now I’m just waiting for my friends to get married so I can recommend her!”
“Tricia Clarke and her team of makeup artists are the best!  Tricia is extremely talented in both hair and make-up and made me feel absolutely gorgeous on my wedding day!  She was extremely patient with me throughout the entire process of planning how I wanted to do my hair, and even practiced different hair styles on her friend and a mannequin and showed me on FaceTime when I couldn’t decide after our consultation appointments how I wanted to wear my hair (and lived 4 hours away)! Now that’s dedication.  She just wanted it to be right for me, and it was 100%!
Tricia is dependable, always on time (and early) and is really fun to be around. She was so calming and happy on the day of my wedding and her and her team made “getting ready” one of the best parts of the day. I would hands down recommend Tricia Clarke Makeup to anyone on their wedding day, she is amazing and you will not regret it!”


Wedding day came quick and Tricia was at my house early (I mean earlier than we agreed because she is so prompt and punctual). She was a MACHINE!!! I was blown away. She did everything we had agreed upon then my girlfriends kept getting FOMO of what the other one had so kept adding things on.
TIP: Another recommendation get lashes, hair and makeup for everyone!!! You won’t regret it because they will all end up doing it anyway!! Everyone gets FOMO, promise. Even my Mom.
When time came to reveal the final product, I wasn’t thinking holy anything, I was speechless. I could NOT believe, what she had done, what she had created. She made me look, and probably more importantly she made me feel, like the most beautiful person on the planet that day. I poo-pooed this originally yes, but if you have the privilege of experiencing that feeling, it is tops and you won’t soon forget it. You know the “effect” I said I told Tricia I was going for, it was the Grace Kelly effect. I was told on four separate occasions on my wedding day that I was “so Grace Kelly.” My Dad reported people had also told him this. So she nailed it, I mean NAILED IT!!! I couldn’t (still can’t) get over how perfect it was. Please see pictures so you can see what I mean.”
O.brien220 WM


“Tricia and her team were an incredible addition to not only the day-of activities, but the preparation and lead-up to the wedding. All of our hair looked perfect and stayed put through hours of pictures and dancing on a warm day. I was so impressed by Tricia’s preparation and organization, I was 100% confident that everything would move smoothly the day of the wedding and it certainly did! She is a talented and lovely professional, and I highly recommend working with her!”




“You are an amazing makeup artist, and have the perfect personality to spend wedding morning with a bunch of bridesmaids, stressed out moms, and nervous brides! Thanks for keeping us all calm while making us beautiful! Can’t wait to work with you again!”


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“Tricia Clarke is amazing. She’s such a calming person to be around due to her humble confidence and professionalism. I asked Tricia to do makeup for my wedding day and then another day for my marriage reception (two very different events and days).  I expressed that I wanted two very different looks for each event – one being a more natural, rosy cheek, and non dramatic look for our beautiful Cultural Center ceremony and the other being a more sexy, vintage, and red lip look for our dancing and wild marriage celebration. She gave me exactly what I asked for!! Knowing Tricia was coming to do makeup for both events, I felt completely relaxed. She stayed until the very last minute to make sure I felt perfect and was 100% satisfied. She gave me a confident look in both settings full of fake feather lashes, trimmed eyebrows, and gorgeous long lasting lip color! I never had to request changes and knew the makeup would stay through both events. Tricia was very accommodating with the last minute appointments of my friends and family the day of the reception and helped make all of the ladies feel more beautiful than they already were. I’ve been recommending her to everyone for any event- a wedding, a bachelorette party, or even just for a day to feel gorgeous. Tricia really knows what she’s doing and I’m so happy I was referred to her!”



“When it came to planning my wedding, I felt bombarded by so many options for our various vendors and locations–it was definitely overwhelming. One decision I never doubted was hiring Tricia to do our makeup for the big day because working with her was such an easy process. Before anything else, we discussed my personal style and typical makeup usage (or lack thereof). I took her recommendation to have my makeup trial the day of one of my Bridal Showers and was able to get fantastic feedback from friends and relatives who know me best. We adjusted the planned look based on my level of comfort and the feedback I received.

For my wedding day, Tricia was fantastic. She made my bridesmaids, my mother-in-law and me feel so beautiful while just talking to us and making everyone feel at ease. Even my mother, who wasn’t planning to have her makeup done, was begging to join in. In the end, everyone was thrilled with their looks, and I couldn’t have been happier that we all looked like we belonged together, but everyone’s individual tastes were considered.

I can’t stress enough what a wonderful job Tricia did and what a pleasure it was to work with her.”



“My wedding day was amazing for many reasons. I married an amazing man, I saw friends I hadn’t seen since college and I spent the morning getting ready with my mom and closest friends. In addition to getting ready with people I love, the woman doing our makeup was someone I’ve known since I was eight. Tricia is the sister to my maid of honor and is like to family to me. It only made sense to have such a dear friend spend the morning with us.

I told Tricia, “I obviously want to look like myself, but I look like myself every day. I want to look stunning.” To say she delivered is an understatement. I couldn’t believe what I saw when I looked in the mirror and when I looked at my mom and bridal party. The girls and I LOVED the way we looked and how confident we felt throughout the day. Thank you for listening to wanted and over delivering. You are truly a talented and beautiful person inside and out.”




“I have had my makeup done professionally for a few other weddings I was a bridesmaid in and did not have the best experiences, I don’t wear that much makeup to begin with and stick with a neutral palette when I do. Even after describing and showing photos of what I was looking for, one look I dubbed “Black Swan” (think Natalie Portman movie poster) the other “Kardashian Wannabe”. Needless to say, when it came to my engagement photos, I was ready to make Tricia apply & re-apply as many times as it took so that I got what I wanted.
When Tricia arrived at my house she immediately put me at ease! I described what I was looking for and Tricia asked me a couple of follow up question to make sure she understood completely and we were off. The entire time Tricia was so friendly and we chatted the entire time which made the process fly by and I felt very comfortable the entire time. When Tricia was finished and she handed me the mirror – I loved my look so much I booked her on the spot for our big day!
We decided to schedule the bridal trial on the day of my bridal shower. The whole process took about 1 hour but it felt like it flew by. After a short consultation where Tricia and I discussed what I was looking for on the big day, Tricia got to work and we chatted the entire time about wedding plans and before you knew it she was done! Again, I felt completely at ease because Tricia just “got” what I was looking for and I knew that I would not end up looking like a Kardashian.
By the time the big day rolled around – I felt so comfortable with Tricia doing my makeup (and bridesmaids & Mother’s makeup) we didn’t even discuss anything prior to her starting. I knew that she knew what I was looking for and would make me look beautiful on my big day. I felt so beautiful on my wedding day and my makeup lasted flawlessly throughout the day! My bridesmaids and mother all loved their make up as well! Tricia has a knack for playing up your natural beauty and making you feel like your best self and not like you are hiding under a ton of make up!”


“My experience with Tricia as the makeup artist for my wedding was great! I had done a practice run with a friend, but then she moved back to Brazil a week before my wedding. Typical.

One of my bridesmaids mentioned she knew Tricia from college, so she texted with her and she was somehow available. I texted Tricia some pictures of makeup I liked, and she offered to do a test run with me. Being a week before the wedding, and having made the wise, wise choice to do all of my floral arrangements and decorations on my own, I definitely couldn’t find time to fit it in. I was a little nervous going in, because I don’t wear much makeup usually and like a natural look. As I saw my bridesmaids’ makeup results, I felt immediate relief. Tricia was great, and slightly adapted to each bridesmaids’ and my style. My look was natural, simple, yet elegant, and looked amazing both in person and in photos. My skin looked awesome, I loved my lip color, and the makeup stayed on through hours of dancing.”



“I was referred to Tricia Clarke by a friend when my original makeup artist had cancelled at the last minute.  We both were a little nervous as I did not feel there was enough time before the wedding to do a trial, so we went in blind.  I could not have been happier with my makeup on our wedding day.  I did not feel pretty, I felt Stunning!!  Tricia made my entire wedding party feel this way.  She even had time to do a couple extra girls that were not in the original schedule.  Tricia was professional but also had fun with all of us as we got ready.  I would refer Tricia to anyone that asked my opinion when needing a makeup artist.  Thank you Tricia!!”



“Now that we’re back from our honeymoon and settling into married life, I just wanted to reach out and say thank you so very much! Everything about our wedding day was just perfect. It was so fantastic to work with you!! From the trial to the day of the wedding, everything was so easy and all makeup was stunning. I know everyone had a great day and felt extra beautiful. I want to live in those lashes forever and that lipstick is such a great shade – I’ve gotten lots of compliments while wearing it already!”



“Thank-you once again for “styling me pretty!”

I was so happy with the “up-do” you created for me on my daughter’s wedding day that I commented to her how I wish I could make it happen once again for another BIG wedding that I was attending.
WELL,….after my daughter did a little bit of background planning, YOU made this happen and I am very grateful.
Your personality is truly your best trait and your talents are not far behind. You create a happy experience wether it be for one or twelve and in your calming way, you create magic that makes everyone feel truly beautiful. What gifts you have and THANK YOU for sharing them!”
—Marianne G.G.

“I contacted Tricia because I needed to purchase a few new products, but did not want to be pressured by department store makeup counter employees to buy all new makeup. I was hoping that Tricia could help me sort through the makeup that I owned, make better use of it, and recommend any necessary new products.

Tricia came to my house bringing her kit with her–I had all my makeup out and we went through what was working for me, and what I should toss. We then walked through a few different looks so I had different options for work, nights out, etc. As we were working, Tricia let me practice and ask questions, and then she gave me a shopping list of products that would make a difference for me. When I went to Sephora later, I was able to text Tricia to make sure I was getting the right stuff.
The experience was so helpful; it is much easier for me to do my makeup, it takes me less time, and I am much happier with the results. I have recommended this service to friends, and recently purchased a gift certificate so a friend could enjoy the same experience.”

One thought on “Love Notes

  1. Marianne says:

    Thank-you once again for “styling me pretty!”

    I was so happy with the “up-do” you created for me on my daughter’s wedding day that I commented to her how I wish I could make it happen once again for another BIG wedding that I was attending.
    WELL,….after my daughter did a little bit of background planning, YOU made this happen and I am very grateful.
    Your personality is truly your best trait and your talents are not far behind. You create a happy experience wether it be for one or twelve and in your calming way, you create magic that makes everyone feel truly beautiful. What gifts you have and THANK YOU for sharing them!
    Marianne G.G.

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