It stands to reason, seeing as how I get to work with awesome brides, that I would also get to meet amazing bridesmaids. Lucky me who gets to spend her Saturdays playing with makeup with fun girls, am I right? I don’t drink the champagne, but in every other way, I get to have a blast and call it work!

getting ready girls-45

I love the transition time when everyone’s hair and makeup is done but they are still in their comfy clothes!

I posted about beautiful bride Katie a few weeks ago. You can read all about her lovely personal wedding style and how we came up with her bridal look here. I told Katie I would do a couple blog posts about her wedding though, because she had gorgeous friends and a great photographer. It is truly one of the highlights of my job when I get to see the images photographers capture, and Nicole Christine Photography really did beautiful work on Katie’s big day, despite the fact that the skies were overcast and it POURED rain!

I loved this soft smoky look on the bride’s sister-in-law. I don’t even think I can take credit for her glow, she was the prettiest pregnant girl I have ever met! She’s now the proud mama of twins! And she wore sexy high heels–way to go, Nicole!Copyright Nicole Christine Photography-10Katie did something I thought was really fun and thoughtful when it came to bridesmaids dresses. She chose the color and length, then let the girls choose which top they liked. By taking each person’s individuality into account, you can make everyone feel comfortable and confident, while still creating a gorgeous coordinated look for your wedding. This applies to makeup looks as well. Most of Katie’s bridesmaids requested a soft, smoky eye. I tailored each look slightly, based on individual eye color and skin tones, but viewed as a group, there is a cohesive look that photographs beautifully.

Copyright Nicole Christine Photography-24

Still looking good after cocktail hour! Hayley has the best dimples!

Copyright Nicole Christine Photography-20

Thanks, ladies for letting me be a part of a special day! You are all gorgeous!

Copyright Nicole Christine Photography-18

Love and lipgloss,


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