Mermaid Hair! (Even though summer is over…)

Hello there ladies,

As you all get to know me, you will soon learn that I am just as obsessed with hair products as I am with makeup and skincare. I have long been on a quest to turn my straight hair into luscious, wavy mermaid locks, and this summer, I finally found the magic formula!

Beach Babe Salt Spray


I’ve debated trying a sea salt spray for years, but could not bring myself to shell out for Bumble and bumble‘s version , even though they are one of my favorite hair care lines! I just could not imagine paying $25 for a bottle of salt water. Then this summer, I discovered the Not Your Mother’s line of products at ULTA (I love that store!) For $5.99 I could try to get some waves in this straight hair.

Firstly, let’s talk about how it smells like coconuts! Now, I am admittedly a huge fragrance person–I need to love the way a product smells to use it. I am huge fan of the coconut smell, so that was a positive right away, and certainly added to the beachy experience.

As for results–I was so impressed! I’ve never had so much body in my hair when I’ve just allowed it to air dry! I was able to coax beachy waves out of my fine, straight hair by misting it all over my hair while it’s still damp, on top and underneath, and scrunching and shaking out my hair as it dried. It was perfect for those super hot Chicago summer days when using a blow dryer is just out of the question. I know, I should have told you about this months ago, but I just finally got my shadow box so I can take decent pictures! I promise that in the future I will try to tell you about summer stuff IN the summer.

Now that the weather is cooling off, and I am not leaving the house with wet hair, I am experimenting with different uses for this spray. It is actually a great root lifter that doesn’t feel greasy or too stiff. I spray it on my roots, then flip my head over and massage it in. I toss my hair around while blow drying it and finger-combing, and get nice lift on top without having to wrangle a round brush. It is great for laid-back days.

You could also use this throughout your hair for more body and grip if you are planning to style your hair up, and need more hold. Spray, blow dry and then style as intended.

And now for a Midwestern girl confession. I have only been to the ocean once. We were lake-vacationing people growing up. So, I have never swum in the sea. However, using this spray this summer let me pretend I did! When the wind would blow my hair into my mouth, I’d get a bit of salt and warmth on my tongue, and if I closed my eyes, it was almost like California in my mind. Reason enough to try this–a mental vacation can be lovely when you’re landlocked!

I’ll be keeping this product in my arsenal year round. It is versatile, affordable and easy to use in a variety of ways. I am already looking forward to next summer, but in the meantime, I can still get summery hair if I want it!

Have you used this product? What do you think?

Stay pretty ladies!

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