Make-UNDER featuring the 5 Minute Face

After watching my first tutorial, the “5 Minute Face”, (check it out here  my good friend asked if I’d be willing to give her some one-on-one coaching. Would I? It’s only my favorite thing to do! So we picked up some items at her local ULTA and got to work!

The great thing about the 5 Minute Face is that your probably already have a lot of the items you need in your makeup collection. Kindra had mascara and lipgloss and bronzer, and I was able to help her find a primer, BB cream and concealer that matched her skin tone. She was ready to break out of her rut and change up her eye makeup, so we also got a new eye liner.

Kindra was a great student and loved her new look. I was grateful for the chance to film it, because it is one thing to do my own makeup for a tutorial, and another to have to walk someone else through applying their own. I hope the tips I share are helpful and get you on your way to feeling fabulous every day!

Remember, the best kind of beauty is fun and flexible and FAST! So have fun and enjoy it!

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